The Summer of Discontent? Part I


When I think of the summer of 2010, I think about the saying “Summer of Discontent” (which really derives from a Shakespeare saying “Winter of Discontent”). However, as I seriously reflect about the summer, it was one filled with simple indulgences, hard work, a few great weddings, and a hint of discontent.

On the eve of summer, I was delighted to learn that I was accepted into a one year Masters program in England. I celebrated the good news with my friends and family, but quickly thereafter my delight fizzled as I had to remove myself from a “relationship”. I recently watched one of my favorite movies, Love and Basketball. The lead character, played by Sanaa Lathan, lost her love of basketball because her love interest (who was also a basketball player) was no longer in her life. For a short spell I felt the same about losing this person. I stopped writing, I barely read, discovering new music became insignificant because the person I believed shared those same interests was no longer there.

Nevertheless, I moved on without hesitation or regrets. There comes a point in time when you must remove toxic people from your life, both men and women. I’m confident that I will find another person(s) or activity that will allow me to enjoy those things to the fullest again.

Just as I was preparing to pick myself up, I got sick. For weeks I suffered with severe abdominal pain. I will admit that I just let it go hoping that it would eventually go away. But the pain never subsided. The pain resulted in missing several weeks of work, visits to the hospital and various doctors. The diagnosis was nothing more than my fibroids and ruptured cysts. I’ve known I had fibroids since I was 24 or 25 years of age. My doctor at the time looked at me and asked me if I wanted to have kids. The answer was yes, of course. She told me I was not getting any younger, they would get bigger, and if I wanted to have kids I should try as soon as possible. For years I left her office with the same conversation and in tears. Eventually I went to a new doctor. Her bedside manner was horrible. She didn’t really offer too many solutions on how to deal with these things growing inside of me.

I didn’t quite understand what fibroids were and having talked to a few people I realized that they were not life threatening and for many people not so serious. My symptoms have included severe pain, which usually resulted in an ER visit, at least once every two years. That was not enough to make me get them surgically removed or to rush and have a child. After talking to several people I thought I would try to eliminate them naturally. I researched different foods, herbs and medicines that have been linked with shrinking fibroids with the least amount of side effects as well as attempted to eliminate things that would could trigger fibroid growth.

With any regiment, it requires discipline and I simply didn’t have it. For years my fibroids and I lived peacefully until January of 2009. At this point, my fibroids had not only multiplied but they had grown and continued to grow throughout the year. That brings us to 2010 where the fibroids literally invaded my uterus. While fibroids are not cancerous they negatively impact the body. They compete for the same blood cells as normal tissue so I was always tired, they crushed my bladder, my stomach was enlarged, and they contracted simulating labor pains. I finally made the decision that I needed to have them removed.

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