Wow! I can’t believe it’s 2012 already and in just one week I will be 34. I certainly don’t feel 34 and I can say that at times I don’t act my age:)

So what can I say about 2011? It was a great year filled with travel, meeting new people, and completing a few accomplishments. I don’t recall making any serious resolutions last year. I do know that this year my goal is to find a job, settle on a place to live, and start working on a family (that would mean obtaining some sort of man). I have been unlucky in the 3rd department, but very patient.

Aside from resolutions, the new year is a great time to clean out the closet. I don’t mean a physical closet as some of my friends on Facebook alluded to, but I mean a symbolic closet – one that is filled with toxic people, habits, or things in your life that inhibit you from moving forward or render you emotionally paralyzed. Although difficult, it may mean moving on from a bad relationship, giving up that pack of cigarettes a day, or breaking up from a long-term friend.

So for 2012, let’s get rid of our crutches, set ourselves free, and open the door for a wide array of possibilities. I know easier said than done as I am going through my own storm, but we have to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel in order to go on….

Happy New Year!

About danismelange

I enjoy writing for fun, reading, traveling, and meeting new people. I'm a mother, sister, auntie, and friend. I write what comes to my mind - its unpretentious, honest, and straight from my heart!

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