Travel Questions: Making Payments


People often ask why go to agencies when you can book travel online. One reason is the ability to make payments if you book your trip far in advance. Unfortunately, the advantage brick-and-mortar agencies had over on-line travel sites is starting to vanish as these sites are also offering deposit options. While every company has different payment terms, I outlined a few terms I see on a daily basis.

1) Airfare and insurance (if purchased with the trip) typically must be paid in full at the time of booking.

2) On average, companies want payment 2 months before travel. If you are looking for last minute travel, you can expect to pay full price.

3) Cruise lines typically require payment in full 3 months before travel.

4) Deposit amounts vary. On average, expect to pay a deposit of $150-$500 per person depending on the type of trip in addition to the airfare and insurance as mentioned above. In many cases, the deposit is non – refundable and non- transferable.

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