On August 22, 2013 I went to the Free Library of Philadelphia to hear MK Asante, son of Molefi Asante, talk about his new book BUCK. He covered many themes from mental illness in the African-American community and growing up in Philadelphia. His talk really peaked my interest in reading the book, but I was really inspired by a question from an audience member. “How can I quit my 9-5 in order to become a full-time speaker/author”.  He immediately responded by indicating that no matter what your desire is, you really need to hone your craft. Very few people are successful as a result of luck. Success is often based on hard work, motivation, sacrifice, and dedication. Athletes dedicate tremendous amount of time conditioning themselves for their specific sport, but when it comes to the creative – according to Asante, we wait to be ‘inspired’.

I confess. I am guilty.  It’s been May since I have written anything, yet my mind is full of ideas and things I would love to share with my readers, but I haven’t felt inspired or bemused by anything enough to jot it down. 

I got an e-mail from WordPress indicating that my blog was about to expire unless I renewed my blog package. Since I haven’t written anything since May, I debated letting my blog lapse.  After weeks of debating, I renewed my subscription with WordPress and I’m glad I did. 

Although my goal is not to quit my day job in order to write or speak full-time, I do want to build on my hobby and perfect my craft. For me, writing is both cathartic and necessary.  I enjoy not only sharing stories, but also being able to look back into time and see how I have grown.  In order to do so, I must have the dedication and focus of Kobi Bryant and read and write voraciously as MK Asante suggested. So thank you MK Asante for the re-charge and droplet of inspiration! Let’s pray I don’t stay away from my blog for 2 months again.

About danismelange

I enjoy writing for fun, reading, traveling, and meeting new people. I'm a mother, sister, auntie, and friend. I write what comes to my mind - its unpretentious, honest, and straight from my heart!

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