Brand New Day


This week marked the end of an era. After three years and nine months I left a job I had a love/hate relationship with in the travel industry. When I accepted the position it was intended to be a short stint until I found something better. That short stint endured the birth of two children, two promotions, a demotion, free travel, the making of new friends, and an enduring test of my morals, humility, patience, and professionalism.

This week I traded my ungodly retail hours, hour commute via train, rotating desk, and uniform for my own office, some snazzy new suits, and banking hours for a position with my local government. As Sunday came and went, I was not depressed thinking about Monday. Rather, I was very excited for the next chapter in my career. I’m able to utilize my finance and accounting background in order to help my community, I will never work a holiday or weekend again, and most importantly, I’m able to put my daughter to bed every night.

Oh…and I can start blogging again and practice translating some of my favorite songs into Arabic. I can’t promise to write anything in depth as my free time is quickly interrupted by the cutest baby ever and when I do put her to bed I find myself going right to sleep with her even if it’s 8:00pm!

So goodnight for now and and we’ll meet again soon friends!

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