Comfort Zone


When I returned from maternity leave in November, I was having major issues at work – the kind that had me pondering legal action.  I was actually excited to return from maternity leave, as excited as one could be, as I was in a place where I actually started liking my job. I had an awesome team of people that worked for me and I was growing a great client base who even sent gifts for my little one.  Although I never wanted to stay with the company as long as I did, I was in a place where I was relatively contempt or comfortable.  However, everything changed within one week of returning from leave.  I was made redundant and ultimately forced to take a demotion and paycut.  I experienced severe angst going into work every morning and one day, as I held back tears, a Marvin Sapp song came on the radio. The song was “Comfort Zone” and in it he talks about God challenging him to come out of his comfort zone.

I was truly in the midst of a challenge – financially and mentally.  While on maternity leave, I had phone calls about job opportunities and interviews that I turned down.  With a new baby, I didn’t want to start a new job and enter the unknown. The job I had was comfortable and I knew it well.

It was no secret in the building that I was demoted. I left my team and I now reported to someone who just a few weeks prior had been my peer. The only thing that separated me from my old team was half of a wall.  I swallowed my pride, held back my tears and frustration, and came to work with a smile on my face.  I was the acquiescent employee. My colleagues were taken back by my demeanor and often asked me how I could be so happy after everything that happened.

What they didn’t know was that I had accepted the challenge from God.  I knew that “God was grooming me to walk in my destiny” and that something greater was coming.  During this time, Jakalyn Carr’s song “Greater is Coming” was also on repeat.  If you don’t know the song, here are some of the lyrics:

An olive has to go through three stages, for its oil to run

It has to go through the shaking, the beating, and the pressing

And just like the olive, some of you may have felt like you go through the shaking, the beating and the pressing

You’ve went through all of that for your oil to flow. Now, your greater is coming!

I was certainly shook, beat, and pressed at work from clients and colleagues. One day, that oil just started to flow. I was getting multiple interviews and eventually I was offered a job in my community.  When I was finally able to give notice that I was leaving, I still came to work and gave my all right up until my last day.

If I could leave you all with something it would be the hope that you don’t fear or wallow in challenges and setbacks, step out of your comfort zone, swallow your pride, stay positive and your oil will flow abundantly. 

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  1. Hey Dani,
    I so enjoyed reading this inspirational post. Today, my pastor, Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Croft, Sr., peached on the topic, “Praying in the Wilderness.” Psalms 63. His sermon reflects your blog. When we go through the wilderness, we need to recognize that God is still with us; He is the same God who was with us in the good times and if we stay steadfast in His word through prayer, He’ll bring us out of the wilderness even stronger. I’m so glad to read that you are a testament to His promise and that you are obedient to listen when He speaks.

    Keep writing and praying!

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