The Lobster



Lobster PosterI finally got around to watching the Lobster (yes I know I’m late to the party) and all throughout the movie the only thing I could say is “what the f@ck am I watching?”


What is the movie about?

The movie centers around two groups – those who insist that you can’t exist unless you are partnered up with someone and those who believe that solitude is the only way to live.  For those who are unable to find a match and those who attempt to find a partner, there are steep consequences including death and the absurdity of turning into an animal – think Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.  Although it took me several attempts to get into the movie, once I got to a certain point, I couldn’t turn back.

The favorite part of the film for me was when Colin Firth’s character, David escapes the hotel and is ‘rescued’ by those who believe in solitude.  As the leader of the pack is explaining the rules, she says dryly, “We dance alone. That’s why we only play electronic music”.  It was an astutely absurd and comedic insert against a very dark backdrop of the overall movie

The end leaves you hanging by the way.  Does David end up in the City with his partner or does he end up turning into a Lobster.

This was a very deep movie and quite an original plot.

So, if you could turn into an animal what would it be? I think I’d go with a house pet like a dog or cat.



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