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Do for Love


I find myself humming the words to Sabrina Starke’s “Do for Love” quite often.  It’s not just another love song professing how much we love another person. Rather, it’s a song that asks us what are we willing to do for love or what sacrifices will we make for love.

Love is indeed a very powerful emotion that guides our actions, for better or worse. It may cause a person to move to another country as I once did or a parent to run in front of a car to protect their child from impending danger.  In extreme cases, tainted love can cause a person to inflict pain upon themselves or others.

I recently re-watched the movie, Love in the Time of Cholera, based on the book by Gabriel Garcia Marques (which I admittedly haven’t read). The movie poses the question, “How long will you wait for love”? Florentino, played by Javier Bardem, waited 50 years for his love.  In over 50 years, he deprived himself of true happiness and indulged in temporary, superficial fulfillment with the hopes that he would one day reunite with his love.

Despite the fact that his love married and moved on with her life, Florentino never gave up on the possibility that he would reunite with his love.  Upon the death of his love’s husband, Florentino swooped in.  Be it 3, 20, or 50 years, we change and evolve. It was a risk to think that she would return his love after so much time. After some persistence, the two lovers reunited. Yeah it’s a movie, but doesn’t art imitate life. So tell me, what have you done for love?