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Cath Kidston: Favorite London Retailer


I have this in Blue and receive many compliments on this bag.

Who says there are no jobs? In a matter of two months, I secured two! These are not six-figure, corner office jobs, but jobs that pay the bills. I’m working retail at a major department store part time and I’m also a full-time travel consultant. I am not sure how long I will keep the part time job, but it is extremely flexible, great for networking, and easy/quick money.  I have really enjoyed my travel experiences over the past few years and I am excited to take that experience and see where it leads professionally. My goal is to increase my writing about travel related themes. I want to expand my themes to include topics such as shopping, eating, and culture as it relates to travel.  True to its name: melange – this blog will continue to be a myriad of things, but I hope for it to grow just as I have.

This post is long overdue…A friend of mine blogged about her new Zara bag for the season and it reminded me of some of my favorite stores – Cath Kidston. I first came into contact with Cath Kidston in 2010 at Goldsmiths University. A classmate of mine was carrying this bag that I couldn’t stop eyeballing.  From that moment on, I have become a Catch Kidston groupie.  Cath Kidston is to London what Lilly Pulitzer is to America. Patterns abound, one can easily identify a Kidston in a crowd and I can easily spot a fake easier than I can any other fake designer bag.

As I left for work this morning I smiled to see remnants of rain on the ground. It has been unceasingly hot in the North Atlantic.  Additionally, I was happy that I could pull out my Cath Kidston Umbrella; one of the many reminders of my time living abroad.  Cath Kidston opened in 1993 and has continued to grow ever since. According to their website, there are close to 90 stores worldwide. My favorite locations are in my favorite London neighborhoods of Covet Garden and Notting Hill.  I literally can spend an hour in the tiny store debating what to buy for myself or friends.

My treasure troves to date have been my matching wallet and umbrella, and my holdall bag. Patterns and colors do change every season so if you see something don’t wait because it may not be there in the future!!